1. To keep Kailua beach safe for all beach users, and open to kiteboarding
a. To develop rules and guidelines as a community
b. Work with DLNR, HPD, City & County, and the community to address and resolve issues, and reduce complaints in Kailua Bay related to kiteboarding. c. Work with DOCARE and HPD for any law enforcement needs on the beach. (DOCARE Hotline: 808-587-0068)
e. Develop outreach programs to educate the public and promote the sport
f. Self-police and enforce the rules and guidelines for club members. g. To establish a complaints resolution system with DLNR 


 2. Create a community of kiteboarding role models for visiting and new kiters to emulate
a. Utilize the KKC Facebook group to disseminate information, share ideas, resources, and expertise, and to manage and drive the club
b. Provide support and resources to the members and encourage them to achieve their goals in kiteboarding
c. Create a unified front to set a positive image for kiteboarders at Kailua beach
d. Help and support visiting kiters
e. Organize social, fun, and educational activities for kiteboarders (BBQs/parties, races, swap meets, demo days, skills clinics, etc.) 


 3. To be good stewards of the 'aina and ocean, and to give back to the
a. Work to inform the public about why Kailua Bay’s Zone A is a safe place for kiting, its risks for beach goers to be aware of, and to dispel common myths about its dangers
b. Organize routine beach cleanups
c. Support the small businesses, people, and organizations that support us